Stereo Advantage Closed, Park Place Installations To Step-Up

Stereo Advantage Closes After 40 Years in WNY

Stereo Advantage recently announced that after 40+ years of serving the WNY community, they are shutting their doors. In the Stereo Advantage Press Release earlier this week, The store founder, Tony Ragusa remarked that “while it is a quiet, peaceful end to an era – there is no better place to build a successful business than Western New York.”

The founder of Park Place Installations, another WNY residential & commercial AV supplier & installer, Jay Park states that “after 15 years in this industry, I agree with Tony [Ragusa], the key to success in WNY is building and contributing to a strong community around you. Park Place Installations is excited to take on the challenge filling the inevitable void that will be felt by Stereo Advantages farewell.”

While it’s hard to see one Buffalo institution shutting its doors; the prospect of new, young companies rising up to carry on the torch is exciting to watch, and we’re looking forward to what Mr. Park and his team have to bring to the table for our city.


About Park Place Installations

For more than 15 years Park Place Installations has been your source for the professional installation of the latest home entertainment systems, home automation systems, HDTV’s, and whole-house audio and video systems. Keep your home or business up to date with the latest and best electronic systems! We service and upgrade all systems no matter who installed them. We are craftsmen who have designed and installed AV systems in over 500 homes, restaurants, office buildings and more.

We serve the Buffalo, NY and Greater Niagara and will be happy to talk to you about your needs, no matter how big or small.

Crestron Smart Home Automation

Remember when smart home automation was talked about as being the way of the future?  Well guess what, the future has arrived in full force with hundreds of home automation devices readily available for consumers.  Park Place Installations is proud to be a leader in smart home automation systems in WNY.  We only bring you the best equipment in the industry, like the Crestron home automation system.

Did you know that the Crestron Pyng control hub is compatible with more smart home technology than any other home automation systems on the market?  With all the tech available at your fingertips, outfitting your home with smart devices may seem a little a daunting. Thankfully you don’t have to worry.  Park Place has an expert team of engineers that will make the installation process a breeze.

Here’s just a few benefits that you’ll find with the Crestron automation system.

Home Automation

Crestron’s home automation system is all about making your life easier.  With Crestron Pyng, you’ll have complete control of everything under your roof.  Your Crestron smart home system can be linked to your house lights, thermostat, door locks and even your window shades.  And the best part about it is everything can be controlled from the palm of your hand through the Crestron ipad app.

For Businesses and Schools

Crestron has made their name with their home automation systems but their tech is flexible enough to be used in commercial settings as well.  Crestron has even developed their own line of all in one meeting solutions. Devices like the Crestron Mercury conference system features both audio and video capabilities making them perfect conference calls and board meetings.

Crestron Home Security

Finally, Crestron can be linked up with your home security system.  After all, home automation and home security are better when they work hand in hand.  Crestron Pyng can be linked with your door locks and security cameras giving you access to a live feed even when you’re not at home.  Just pop open the app and you’ll be able to monitor your visitors and even check if the mailman has dropped off any packages for you!

If you’re ready to bring your home into the 21st century, Crestron’s home automation system is just the thing for you.  If you’re not sure where to start, check out our one day installation package. It starts with the Crestron Pyng control hub, a wireless climate controller, two light controllers and a wireless door lock.  Call Park Place installations today and we’ll help you automate your home.

“Alexa, Are You Listening?”- The Latest on Alexa Home Automation

Alexa has become a household name since early 2017 when Amazon released they affordable home automation system. Alexa made everyone’s life easier by having learning capabilities and other tricks that made life a little more comfortable and more entertaining. But, in the latest reports, Alexa might be learning a little too much about us when she is in our homes. Park Place Installations has the latest news on some of the more controversial articles relating to Alexa and other home automation systems.

The Patent

According to The Independent, Amazon filed for a new patent in April 2018. This would allow for Amazon and all echo products to “voice sniff” conversations happening around the device. This information would be collected and analyzed, to be used for advertisements. Now, Alexa and other Amazon echo products are hardwired to only record conversations when the wake word “Alexa” has been said. The voice capabilities for Alexa are used for playing music, controlling other smart home devices, and ordering products off of Amazon when instructed. AS of right now, Amazon saves those voice files on a server, but the user can listen to and delete those recordings if they so choose.

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The Fear

Most people against this patent are afraid that this new patent is an invasion of privacy. The patent suggests that Alexa would be able to recognize the words “love” and “hate” to recommend products from Amazon presumably on users need. But, is having every conversation in a household recorded seems to be going too far?

Amazon argues that this technology is light years away. Amazon made clear that it does and is not able to collect such data at the moment. The company also said that they might not even use the technology described in the patent.“We take privacy seriously and have built multiple layers of privacy into our Echo devices,” said an Amazon spokesperson.

As a leader in home automation, Park Place Installations wants to keep you informed and updated on all the latest news when it comes to smart homes! When looking at home automation devices, Alexa and the Amazon echo are the popular choices.

Park Place Installations has all the information you need on home automation systems in Western New York. We work with the best brands to get you the products you need to create a smart home! We service all of Western New York with home automation devices and technology that will bring you into the 21st Century. Call us today so we can start working together toward your future smart home!

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Live Like the Jetsons | Crestron PYNG in Your Home

In the past, people imagined a futuristic time where our homes would do mundane tasks for us. There would be no more double checking to see if you locked the door, or if you shut the bathroom light off. The idea became so popular, the Jetsons became a household name because of their futuristic flare.  Although we are a far time away from flying cars and 3-D printed food, there have been some major home automation developments that are available for your home today. The future is here with Crestron PYNG.

Crestron PYNG

The Crestron PYNG is a new system from Crestron that allows you to automate the entirety of your home. This app is your complete home automation system with capabilities of controlling every aspect of your home. From indoor/outdoor lighting, to shading systems, temperature controls, wireless door locks- PYNG does it all. The app is available for iPad or iPhone devices. With these devices you can control your Smart Home System from anywhere in the world! And PYNG is compatible with all of your Crestron devices.

What It Includes

When Park Place Installations introduces your new Crestron PYNG system to your home, you will have access to the basic smart home package. Using this free app you can control 2 Light Controllers and 1 Lamp Controller, Home Thermostat, and a Wireless Door Lock. The app allows you to create specific “scenes” in your home that are congruent to your lifestyle. There’s no more having to wake up in the middle of the night to adjust the thermostat, or make sure that the lamp in the living room is turned off. All you need is access to your phone, and you are able to control all aspects of your scene. The app also allows for custom scenes to be configured on the go.  This system can be expanded to as many light controls, and full audio video controls!

Live like the Jetsons and automate your home with Crestron PYNG. Park Place Installations can automate your home in Buffalo, NY. If you are interested in making your home a smart home, call us today! We would love to help you with all your home automation needs and questions! Step into the future of home automation with Park Place Installations.


Home Automation | The Crestron Whole-House Automation System


Park Place Installations has been your WNY home automation installation team since the technology’s inception. With systems developed by Crestron, the industry leader in home automation remote control systems, you are able to control just about anything in your home from one single device. Well, everything other than the wife and kids. We’d like to talk briefly about how Crestron Home Automation remote systems can make your life easier, and much cooler!


At the most basic level, you can control any of your AV devices with one central remote. The touchscreen interface allows you to control your television, cable box, DVD player, Surround Sound Systems, BluRay player, just about everything other than your record player. With apps like Pandora, Spotify and others, you can control your music from anywhere. It also allows you to connect through your mobile device too!


Here’s where it starts getting interesting. You’re going to feel like Batman the first time you use your Crestron remote control system to lower your automated shades. Did you forget to turn off the light right after you just got your favorite show queued up on Netflix? That’s ok, you can control any of the lights in your home using your touchscreen device. Is your boo getting a little chilly? Don’t even worry about getting up to change that thermostat. Turn up the heat from the comfort of your sofa!

Home Security Systems

Your safety, more importantly your family’s safety, is also featured with the Crestron home automation system. You don’t need to worry about anything happening when you have mobile access to any of your home security cameras. Crestron has their own mobile apps that allow you to access and control any of your security features while outside of your home. The seamless design of the apps and interfaces allow for peace of mind for you to know your family is safe.

This is just a few examples of how Crestron Home Automation systems can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and safe. Stay tuned to the Park Place blog to learn more about Crestron Home Automation, as well as what Crestron has to offer for Corporate offices, and other things like digital signage and smart TV intergration. As always, if you have any questions about Crestron, or you just need to mount a television to your wall, Park Place Installations is your answer!