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Live Like the Jetsons | Crestron PYNG in Your Home

In the past, people imagined a futuristic time where our homes would do mundane tasks for us. There would be no more double checking to see if you locked the door, or if you shut the bathroom light off. The idea became so popular, the Jetsons became a household name because of their futuristic flare.  Although we are a far time away from flying cars and 3-D printed food, there have been some major home automation developments that are available for your home today. The future is here with Crestron PYNG.

Crestron PYNG

The Crestron PYNG is a new system from Crestron that allows you to automate the entirety of your home. This app is your complete home automation system with capabilities of controlling every aspect of your home. From indoor/outdoor lighting, to shading systems, temperature controls, wireless door locks- PYNG does it all. The app is available for iPad or iPhone devices. With these devices you can control your Smart Home System from anywhere in the world! And PYNG is compatible with all of your Crestron devices.

What It Includes

When Park Place Installations introduces your new Crestron PYNG system to your home, you will have access to the basic smart home package. Using this free app you can control 2 Light Controllers and 1 Lamp Controller, Home Thermostat, and a Wireless Door Lock. The app allows you to create specific “scenes” in your home that are congruent to your lifestyle. There’s no more having to wake up in the middle of the night to adjust the thermostat, or make sure that the lamp in the living room is turned off. All you need is access to your phone, and you are able to control all aspects of your scene. The app also allows for custom scenes to be configured on the go.  This system can be expanded to as many light controls, and full audio video controls!

Live like the Jetsons and automate your home with Crestron PYNG. Park Place Installations can automate your home in Buffalo, NY. If you are interested in making your home a smart home, call us today! We would love to help you with all your home automation needs and questions! Step into the future of home automation with Park Place Installations.


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