What Tomorrow’s Home Security Is Looking Like

Here at Park Place Installations, we install various home security systems for both the homeowner and business owner. We have multiple options available, that can be integrated into automated and mobile technology. With how quickly technology upgrades today, we always aim to stay ahead of the game, and implement the highest level of product for our customers. Surveillance is a very hot industry, with new brands and concepts popping up everywhere. The enabling of mobile and cloud technology has changed the path for home security. Can you imagine a flying robot with a camera attached watching over your home? Well, a company called Sunflower Labs has already announced this sci-fi concept is becoming a reality.

The Future is Now

You’ve probably seen or heard of flying drones by now. The military has remote control drones for a few years, and now we’ve seen drones shoot video footage, entertain kids as toys, and Amazon even rumored concepts of delivery by drones. Well, Sunflower Labs, a company funded by investors in Silicon Valley and Switzerland, has a concept in the works that incorporates drones into home security. Though it is still in development, the company is already taking preorders on their website for the home security system.

How it Works

Solar-powered “smart lights” are the detection system, which are placed around the area. The lights are able to detect any motion, sound, or vibration within the radius, and sends an alert to the owner via mobile device. When the user gets the notification, they are able to deploy the flying camera drone to the designated area to “check it out”. The smart lights serve as beacons for the flying camera that sends live video back to the mobile device. Never flown a drone? That’s ok. It runs completely autopilot, and also features infrared light for night vision.

Coming Soon

Though the concept is complete, the actual product is still in beta mode. You can preorder the home security system on the Sunflower Labs website, but testing won’t begin until late 2017. In the meantime, you can turn to Park Place Installations to learn more about all the current technology available in home security. We have home security cameras, surveillance systems, remote mobile video surveillance and much more. If and when the Sunflower Labs home security system does get off the ground, you can trust Park Place will be right there, available to supply, install, and troubleshoot any home security system.

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