U2 Brings 8K TV Wall Made of 1040 LED Screens To Buffalo for a Night

Whether you are a fan of Bono, Edge, and the rest of U2, or you just wanted to go check out what it’s like at Ralph Wilson Stadium for a live show, you were in for a treat. People of all ages collected and made their way through thick traffic tributaries into Orchard Park for the blockbuster U2 concert. Feelings beforehand lingered with anticipation like a primetime Bills’ game, as many spent time tailgating and pre gaming for the show in the parking lot beforehand. Beck was set to open around 7:30, and the headliner to go on around 9:10. One thing was very noticeable while Beck was jamming in front of what looked to be a huge screen. A huge-er backdrop that stretched further than the width of the Ralph Wilson turf, and looked about 5 stories tall. What followed after U2’s opening 4/5 songs was the unveiling of display screen made up of 1040 LED screens, displaying crystal clear 8K video that brought the performance to the next level. 

What does 4K HDTV Mean?

Who Built It?

TAIT Towers, one of the worldwide leaders in stage technologies and engineering for live entertainment is to thank for one of the biggest screens we’ve ever seen here in Buffalo NY. They provide some of the biggest acts in music and entertainment with staging, theater automation, and LED integration. In addition to U2, TIAT has provided incredible staging for acts like Lady Gaga, Metallica, and Faith Hill & Tim Mcgraw. The stage is moved from city to city, currently on the third leg of the Joshua Tree tour. SPACEFRAME is the carbon fiber touring frame design created by Production Resource Group, who has been a part of U2 tours since 1992.  Check out this timelapse video of the display being set up by the crew.


It Was How Big?

192 feet wide, completely custom, made of 1040 LED screens. That’s 64 yards long. The immense structure also featured the Joshua Tree shape, and a 75 foot long runway leading to a tree-shaped b-stage. The crazy thing about the display screen, is that it is 7.6K which is basically unheard of. Tour Director Chris Evans said that it is similar in size to the screen used on the 1997 tour, but over 400 times the resolution. According to The Guardian, it is the largest and highest resolution screen used on a concert tour.

If you made it out to Orchard Park for the U2 Joshua Tree tour, you were witness to one of the greatest accomplishments in Audio Visual technology history. Park Place Installations specializes in tv wall installation, which we have installed at the Niagara Power Authority, as well as at Buffalo RiverWorks, which you can check out right here..

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