Cutting the Cord | Cable Television Dying As We Speak

The age of cable television is over. Just a few years ago, one could not live without a cable (or satellite) subscription. You would be missing out on everything, as the “idiot box” filled us with the latest news, consistent TV programming, live sports, etc. The internet has become a rebuild on the information superhighway, as it provides endless answers to infinite questions. Just over the last few years, the internet has adjusted to the times and increased video content, providing the same things as waiting for the commercials to end on TV.

Today, people are fleeing from the cable box, as streaming services have become a viable replacement, and cable providers suffer while hiking prices. All you need is internet. As a local industry specialist in audio video integration, we wanted to talk a little bit about why this has happened, and a few reasons why you might want to ditch the cable company like a bad date.

Save Your Money

When’s the last time you actually looked at the hidden fees you’re paying the cable company? When’s the last time you talked to someone at your cable company? Here in Buffalo NY, many are still experiencing headaches from the switch from Time Warner Cable to Spectrum. The simplest reason why you should cut cable, is how much money you can save! In renting the box, paying for the channels, paying for HD, and other fees, you’re already looking at around a hundred bucks. Streaming services like HBONow, and Netflix are subscription based, and you will have plenty to watch.

Stuff You Like

Sure you might not be able to channel surf to avoid endless commercials. You might miss the ability to check the guide whenever you want, and look through what is provided to you to watch during the scheduled time block. It doesn’t take much to realize how cool it is to have curated content that is provided for you based on your viewership. Algorithms know what you like to watch, and they provide it for you to watch. Since Netflix started about 10 years ago, the popularity has grown so far that many shows and movies being made today are released exclusively on Netflix.

Live Streaming is Coming

For some of us, live sports, and the coverage of sports, is the number one, and maybe the ONLY reason why we still hold onto the ugly relationship with cable. ESPN just announced they will be executing a 3rd, enormous layoff to many of it’s working. This has been a result of streaming, as well as competition from other networks. ESPN, NBA Network, NFL Redzone and many other channels that broadcast live sports on television are available on SlingTV, and HULU just announced they’ll be releasing a $40 live TV package. The future is now.

For anyone who’s afraid of letting go of the dusty old box, you’re in luck. Setting these things up can be a little tricky when dealing with wireless internet, and integrating things like an Apple TV, Roku, or HD Antenna. You’ll have to hang on to a wireless internet provider, which unfortunately oftentimes is the same as the cable provider. Regardless you’ll save yourself monthly expenses and with our help, you’ll be all set up to stream anything you want, whenever you want!