Home Security Systems Installation | Why to Hire a Professional

Personalized home security systems are becoming increasingly popular in Buffalo NY as well as the rest of the country.  Unfortunately this seems well justified when looking at crime statistics or simply watching the news. People are looking to protect their homes and their families but with so many security options available, updating your home can be a daunting task.

That’s why Park Place Installations highly recommends seeking the assistance of one of our experienced technicians.  Many people, however, will be hesitant when it comes to spending extra for something that they feel they can do themselves.  Before making any decisions, read on to find out why you should look to the professionals for a new home security installation.


Make Sure It’s Done Right

As with any DIY project there’s always the lingering question of “did you do it right?”  When it comes to home security systems, that question is extremely important. Your home and your family’s safety are the top priority so saving a few bucks might not be worth the risk.  With a professional security system installation in Buffalo NY, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re covered.


Expert Opinion

You’ll be able to find a lot of information online about home security systems so you might feel confident that you know what you’re doing.  The truth is, there’s a ton of products in this industry and they make more everyday. Unless you’re an expert and work in this field it can be difficult to keep your knowledge level current.  Our technicians will be able to give you seasoned recommendations on how to outfit your house properly with a new security system.


Equipment Locations

Every house is different and will require a unique security system installation.  Think about setting up home security camera locations for example. What if you messed up and didn’t buy enough, is your house really safe?  Or maybe you bought too many and wasted good money. A professional technician will help you figure out exactly what your home security system needs.


Time is Money

Most people who opt to make their home security systems a DIY project do so because they want to avoid paying extra for the installation.  This sounds like a good idea but often winds up taking more of your valuable time than expected. Do you really want to waste a day off struggling to set up your home security?  A professional technician from Park Place Installations will get the job done quickly and completely hassle free!


When it comes to home security in Buffalo NY, it’s always better to go with a professional installation.  Park Place has been setting up security systems at both personal and commercial venues around Buffalo NY for many years.  If you think it’s time to install or upgrade your home security systems don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out a contact form on our website.

Best Type of Home Surveillance Camera for You

When it comes to buying a security camera for your home, you want to make sure you are buying a system that is going to offer the most protection for you. Choosing the wrong type of camera can lead to blind spots on your property, allowing perpetrators to sneak in, leaving you and your family at risk. How do you prevent this? By seeking out a professional team. Park Place Installations is here to help make sure you are informed on the best technology for your home. We will help you choose the best camera for your property. Park Place Installations has compiled a list of camera types so you can choose the best camera for your home.


Camera Type

Your first decision when choosing your home surveillance camera system is to choose the kind of camera you want. This is all based on what your property looks like. Park Place Installations will help you choose which camera type is the best for you.


A Fixed camera is positioned to capture one field of images. It does not tilt move or pivot. It can be optimized later on with video editing technologies. It is more reliable than a PTZ camera because it is always pointed in the same direction.


A PTZ or Point/Tilt/Zoom camera can be positioned remotely. They can pan, tilt, and zoom in on a subject in the viewing field. PTZ cameras can be programmed to work automatically, but they are most reliable when controlled remotely. The more zoomed in your camera is, the smaller area it can cover. This type of camera can only point in one direction at a time.

360 Degree

This type of camera has a high resolution, and full motion. Images are placed together and you have the ability to zoom in after the images are recorded. This type of camera has 360 degree motion. With that being said, it is difficult to call these cameras 100% reliable because it is difficult to find placement in an area where no view is unobstructed.


Each camera type above has their own pros and cons. Park Place Installations has the top brands and the experts that will help you install the best home security system for you home. Any questions or concerns you may have can be directed at our experts. Don’t leave your home security in the hands of just anyone. Call Park Place Installations today.

The Latest in Home Security Surveillance

Today it seems like there is home surveillance systems at every turn. Everyone wants the latest and greatest technology to make sure their homes, belongings, and loved ones are safe and secure. Here at Park Place Installations, we understand that feeling secure when you are home or away is extremely important. We are here to keep you updated on all the latest technology when it comes to home security systems.

From IC Realtime there is a great development in home surveillance. Did you know that most video surveillance systems only see about two minutes of interesting or relevant video a day? But, finding those two minutes when you need it most seems to take a decade. This become problematic when you are searching for a possible threat to your home. The frustration can be overwhelming. What use is a home surveillance system if you cannot easily see what is happening around your home? IC Realtime took this issue, and came up with a solution: ella. Ella is the first intelligent video surveillance search engine powered by artificial intelligence.

So, what does that mean?

Ella uses new learning technology, and is able to recognize colors, people, animals objects, and even vehicles. Ella is able to find exactly what you need out of your home surveillance video in seconds. How? By using a keyword search, Ella is able to pick out the videos that are relevant to what you are looking for.

The best part:  you can use Ella on any device, anytime, anywhere! Ella is also compatible with all cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and VMSs that support standard H.264 RTSP video streams. All you need is the software on anyone of your devices.

Feeling secure about your home, and what is going on near it is important. Park Place Installations understands this and wants to help. We have all the latest on home surveillance systems, and home surveillance system installation! We are staffed with professionals that will make sure it is doe right the first time.  Call us today so we can help you take the first steps into having  your new home security system up and ready to go! We look forward to working with you!

Stay tuned to our blog for the latest updates on all your home security needs, home automation information and more!

What Tomorrow’s Home Security Is Looking Like

Here at Park Place Installations, we install various home security systems for both the homeowner and business owner. We have multiple options available, that can be integrated into automated and mobile technology. With how quickly technology upgrades today, we always aim to stay ahead of the game, and implement the highest level of product for our customers. Surveillance is a very hot industry, with new brands and concepts popping up everywhere. The enabling of mobile and cloud technology has changed the path for home security. Can you imagine a flying robot with a camera attached watching over your home? Well, a company called Sunflower Labs has already announced this sci-fi concept is becoming a reality.

The Future is Now

You’ve probably seen or heard of flying drones by now. The military has remote control drones for a few years, and now we’ve seen drones shoot video footage, entertain kids as toys, and Amazon even rumored concepts of delivery by drones. Well, Sunflower Labs, a company funded by investors in Silicon Valley and Switzerland, has a concept in the works that incorporates drones into home security. Though it is still in development, the company is already taking preorders on their website for the home security system.

How it Works

Solar-powered “smart lights” are the detection system, which are placed around the area. The lights are able to detect any motion, sound, or vibration within the radius, and sends an alert to the owner via mobile device. When the user gets the notification, they are able to deploy the flying camera drone to the designated area to “check it out”. The smart lights serve as beacons for the flying camera that sends live video back to the mobile device. Never flown a drone? That’s ok. It runs completely autopilot, and also features infrared light for night vision.

Coming Soon

Though the concept is complete, the actual product is still in beta mode. You can preorder the home security system on the Sunflower Labs website, but testing won’t begin until late 2017. In the meantime, you can turn to Park Place Installations to learn more about all the current technology available in home security. We have home security cameras, surveillance systems, remote mobile video surveillance and much more. If and when the Sunflower Labs home security system does get off the ground, you can trust Park Place will be right there, available to supply, install, and troubleshoot any home security system.

Want to learn more about the latest trends in home security systems? Just give us a call to talk to one of our technicians today!

Home Security Systems | 5 Best Locations for Wireless Security Cameras

The technological capabilities of home automation and home security are at an all time high. Are you interested in increasing the surveillance around your home? Park Place Installations offers the best home security systems and home automation systems available, anywhere in Western New York. Combining wireless security cameras with a home automation package allows you to keep an eye on your home, and ensure the safety of your family and belongings.

So you know you want to get moving on a new home surveillance camera system, but you don’t know where to start. You know you want security cameras on your home, but you’re don’t need Tony Montana’s level of surveillance either. So how many cameras do you need? Where should they go? Park Place Installations has your back mang.


Our best advice would be to start with 3-5 cameras, depending on how big your house is, and the layout. The goal, place cameras on the first level of your home, where intruders are most likely to attempt to enter. You can have the best camera and automation system on the market, but if it isn’t in the right spot you’re wasting your money.

Here are the best locations to place wireless security cameras.

  1. Front Door– No brainer here. It has been known amongst the home security industry that the majority of home break ins occur through the front door. Your camera should provide you with a full view from either the ceiling or opposite wall of both the doorway, and porch or entryway.
  2. Back Door– Burglars are not extremely creative. The next most popular entry point for an intruder is the back door, which usually has direct access to an important room. Your family room, stairs, basement, or kitchen could have direct access from the back, so remember to stick a camera somewhere on the ceiling that gives a full clear view of the back door.
  3. Side & Back Windows– It doesn’t look normal for someone to enter a home through a window. Typically a burglar will enter through an open window if it isn’t visible from the street. You’ll want to have your cameras monitor the windows that are along the sides of your home, or in the back, that might have access to your expensive belongings.
  4. Basement Access– If your home has a basement door entryway, this is a good place to put a camera. If you have windows that could be broken into easily, or a door that may be obscured from view, mount a camera in the basement that provides a broad sweep of the room’s entryways.
  5. Back Yard– An external camera mounted to give you a view of your private back yard is a good idea. You can mount from your roof or from a porch roof, hidden and out of reach. This enables you to see intruders from further away, and allows you to keep an eye on kids when they are playing in the back yard remotely, using home automation.


Hopefully this gives insight into where the best places to mount surveillance systems around your home. When you are ready to take the next steps in installing a home security system for your Buffalo NY home, remember that the team at Park Place Installations are here. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions, or want to hear what we can do for you and your home!