“Alexa, Are You Listening?”- The Latest on Alexa Home Automation

Alexa has become a household name since early 2017 when Amazon released they affordable home automation system. Alexa made everyone’s life easier by having learning capabilities and other tricks that made life a little more comfortable and more entertaining. But, in the latest reports, Alexa might be learning a little too much about us when she is in our homes. Park Place Installations has the latest news on some of the more controversial articles relating to Alexa and other home automation systems.

The Patent

According to The Independent, Amazon filed for a new patent in April 2018. This would allow for Amazon and all echo products to “voice sniff” conversations happening around the device. This information would be collected and analyzed, to be used for advertisements. Now, Alexa and other Amazon echo products are hardwired to only record conversations when the wake word “Alexa” has been said. The voice capabilities for Alexa are used for playing music, controlling other smart home devices, and ordering products off of Amazon when instructed. AS of right now, Amazon saves those voice files on a server, but the user can listen to and delete those recordings if they so choose.

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The Fear

Most people against this patent are afraid that this new patent is an invasion of privacy. The patent suggests that Alexa would be able to recognize the words “love” and “hate” to recommend products from Amazon presumably on users need. But, is having every conversation in a household recorded seems to be going too far?

Amazon argues that this technology is light years away. Amazon made clear that it does and is not able to collect such data at the moment. The company also said that they might not even use the technology described in the patent.“We take privacy seriously and have built multiple layers of privacy into our Echo devices,” said an Amazon spokesperson.

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Home Audio Install for Summer 2018

As the weather warms up, it is time to update your home. Are you looking for a new way to bring fun to your home this summer? A great way to start is with a home audio system. Boston Acoustics has many options that will allow you to make your home the place to be this summer. There’s no need to plan a family vacation! Park Place Installations has all the details on these products to make your stay-cation one to remember!

Boston Acoustics has home audio systems for every budget. Their products are easily installed and have  a sleek look that will compliment any space. Park Place Installations has the latest information on these products so you can choose the best home audio device to install in your home!


The Voyager series is designed especially for outdoor use. The Voyager Outdoor Speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite music and media even when you’re outdoors. Specially voiced for open-air use, the speakers are able to project audio in a focused area and prevent sound diffusion. This makes the Voyager speaker series an ideal sound solution for less-than-optimal acoustic environments: mount them outside of your house, on a deck, or even on a boat. The speakers are also versatile enough to use indoors.


The HSi in ceiling speaker combines sonic accuracy with remarkable value. Your favorite movies and music will play loud, long and distortion free, and you’ll give up nothing in the way of living space. Designed for stunning sound and ease of installation, HSi 270 in-ceiling loudspeaker expands the realm of quality sound to create an audio system that pleases even the most critical ears.

Bravo 20

In a corner, at the ceiling, on a wall, floor or shelf, there are few places in a room the Bravo 20 can’t handle. The Boston Bravo 20 is a multipurpose, high performance loudspeaker whose unique design fits discreetly anywhere in your home . The Bravo 20 is the perfect choice when you want the speaker to disappear, but can’t cut holes in your walls.


From these small speakers, you still get high fidelity sounds.Like Soundware’s larger cousins, these Speakers can be placed on a table, shelf or even on the floor in a variety of positions. The speakers can be hung flush on a wall or tucked away in a corner with the included mounting brackets. Articulating bracket allows you to angle the speaker towards the listening area.

Each of these speakers has unique features that only Boston Acoustics can give! Not sure which one will work best in your home? Call Park Place Installations so we can help! We are able to pick the best speakers for your home audio! We will make sure you are getting the best possible speakers for your home audio setup! Enjoy your stay-cation this summer with a new home audio system installed by Park Place Installations!