Add Crestron Mercury to Your Next Meeting

As a business owner, you want your employees to be both productive and inspired. You have to plan spaces that let your employees be creative, yet keep the workflow streaming. Having the latest technology can help organize this delicate balance. Park Place Installations is your source for your conference room needs. We have the latest technologies from Crestron Mercury that will set you apart in your next meeting.

What is Crestron Mercury?

Crestron Mercury is the only all-in-one system that tackles all of your office needs. It is a tablet, phone, speaker system, and a Bluetooth device all in one. This device combines all your essential conferencing needs in one easy to use touch screen interface. Unlike the competitors, Crestron allows for the user to  use multiple platforms, in multiple locations. It truly allows for consumers to choose what they need, when they need it.

Tired of devices that make you have some sort of remote in order to progress your meeting? This table top console has a sensor that tracks the presenter, allowing for smooth presentations  every time. Crestron Mercury also allows you schedule your next meeting right on the device. This system streamlines the process, giving you more time to focus on what’s important.

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Audio Video Conference Rooms

Having the capacity to hold a meeting that integrates both audio and video components changes how meetings are done. Instead of paper presentations, companies are able to use videos and other visuals to make conferences more interesting. Park Place Installations and Crestron Mercury are your solution in Western New York. By adding an audio-video conference room to your business, you will be able to see the difference in the style of meetings you are able to hold.

Crestron and You

Park Place Installations understands how important it is for you and your company to stay ahead of the pack. By allowing Park Place to set up your conference room with a Crestron system, your meetings will reach a whole new level of productivity.

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4 Ways You’ll Benefit From Wireless Security Cameras

Anyone who owns property know the uneasy feeling that goes along with leaving your space unattended.  While camera systems have long  been a useful way to keep a watchful eye on your home and/or business while you’re away, installing a wireless surveillance system offers additional benefits that mitigate many of the issues that run concurrent to a basic version.  Not only can they provide significant options for location, but they offer the same standard features as their tethered counterparts — such HD recording, infrared night vision and motion detection.  State of the art surveillance technology will afford you, your colleagues and/family members with the peace of mind to focus less on your property and more on whatever you schedule warrants.  To get you started, we’re discussing 4 benefits of wireless camera surveillance.

No Wires, No worries

The most overt benefit of a wireless camera system is eliminating any need to worry about wires.  A wireless system provides you the ability to place your camera(s) wherever you think is best without the frustration of having to be concerned about making sure an outlet is in proximity.  Additionally, eliminating wires not only removes unflattering aesthetic eyesores, but makes it much, much easier to conceal and/or hide your unit if you’re using it for security — nothing identifies a security camera more than a large, thick wire running down the side of your home or building.

Interactive Surveillance

One of the neatest components or a wireless camera system is that it allows you to connect your tablet or even cell phone to monitor your property remotely.  The connection will allow you to watch live video feeds from every camera you set up.  Just think of the possible benefits — external surveillance could allow you to identify unwanted individuals on your property while internal cameras are a great way to keep an eye on caregivers who may be watching over loved ones while you’re away — allowing you to make sure proper care is given.


Flexibility is an advantage wireless cameras bring to the table.  Not only can you place the unit wherever you need it, but you’ll have a myriad of settings and options at your disposal.  Additionally, you’ll be able to physically relocate the unit to different locations depending on your specific needs — without having to account for pesky wires.  You’ll save yourself a myriad of frustration by having the option to maneuver the unit and fasten it to high and/or low locations that typically don’t have adequate power sources near by.

What About the Receiver?

A wireless camera receiver can be located within ranges of 650-feet to approximately 10 miles away from the dominant unit and still pick up signal — albeit the actual distance will alter depending on the specific unit.  Additionally, it will also be able to infiltrate as many as seven walls and most objects — including wood, glass, metals, plastics.

Investing properly in your home or business is an important process that every owner has been through.  If you’re looking to establish an effective home security system in or around Buffalo NY, Park Place Installations is your one-stop for top-tier surveillance with easy, pain-free and professional installation.  Our experienced staff is knowledgeable on wireless security cameras and systems and is available for a consult to fit your unique needs.  When fortifying your property, don’t hesitate to call us at (716) 472-9904 so we can help you through the process from assessing, through purchasing to professional installation — because nothing is more important  to us than helping you fulfill your safety needs.