Stereo Advantage Closed, Park Place Installations To Step-Up

Stereo Advantage Closes After 40 Years in WNY

Stereo Advantage recently announced that after 40+ years of serving the WNY community, they are shutting their doors. In the Stereo Advantage Press Release earlier this week, The store founder, Tony Ragusa remarked that “while it is a quiet, peaceful end to an era – there is no better place to build a successful business than Western New York.”

The founder of Park Place Installations, another WNY residential & commercial AV supplier & installer, Jay Park states that “after 15 years in this industry, I agree with Tony [Ragusa], the key to success in WNY is building and contributing to a strong community around you. Park Place Installations is excited to take on the challenge filling the inevitable void that will be felt by Stereo Advantages farewell.”

While it’s hard to see one Buffalo institution shutting its doors; the prospect of new, young companies rising up to carry on the torch is exciting to watch, and we’re looking forward to what Mr. Park and his team have to bring to the table for our city.


About Park Place Installations

For more than 15 years Park Place Installations has been your source for the professional installation of the latest home entertainment systems, home automation systems, HDTV’s, and whole-house audio and video systems. Keep your home or business up to date with the latest and best electronic systems! We service and upgrade all systems no matter who installed them. We are craftsmen who have designed and installed AV systems in over 500 homes, restaurants, office buildings and more.

We serve the Buffalo, NY and Greater Niagara and will be happy to talk to you about your needs, no matter how big or small.

Cutting the Cord | Cable Television Dying As We Speak

The age of cable television is over. Just a few years ago, one could not live without a cable (or satellite) subscription. You would be missing out on everything, as the “idiot box” filled us with the latest news, consistent TV programming, live sports, etc. The internet has become a rebuild on the information superhighway, as it provides endless answers to infinite questions. Just over the last few years, the internet has adjusted to the times and increased video content, providing the same things as waiting for the commercials to end on TV.

Today, people are fleeing from the cable box, as streaming services have become a viable replacement, and cable providers suffer while hiking prices. All you need is internet. As a local industry specialist in audio video integration, we wanted to talk a little bit about why this has happened, and a few reasons why you might want to ditch the cable company like a bad date.

Save Your Money

When’s the last time you actually looked at the hidden fees you’re paying the cable company? When’s the last time you talked to someone at your cable company? Here in Buffalo NY, many are still experiencing headaches from the switch from Time Warner Cable to Spectrum. The simplest reason why you should cut cable, is how much money you can save! In renting the box, paying for the channels, paying for HD, and other fees, you’re already looking at around a hundred bucks. Streaming services like HBONow, and Netflix are subscription based, and you will have plenty to watch.

Stuff You Like

Sure you might not be able to channel surf to avoid endless commercials. You might miss the ability to check the guide whenever you want, and look through what is provided to you to watch during the scheduled time block. It doesn’t take much to realize how cool it is to have curated content that is provided for you based on your viewership. Algorithms know what you like to watch, and they provide it for you to watch. Since Netflix started about 10 years ago, the popularity has grown so far that many shows and movies being made today are released exclusively on Netflix.

Live Streaming is Coming

For some of us, live sports, and the coverage of sports, is the number one, and maybe the ONLY reason why we still hold onto the ugly relationship with cable. ESPN just announced they will be executing a 3rd, enormous layoff to many of it’s working. This has been a result of streaming, as well as competition from other networks. ESPN, NBA Network, NFL Redzone and many other channels that broadcast live sports on television are available on SlingTV, and HULU just announced they’ll be releasing a $40 live TV package. The future is now.

For anyone who’s afraid of letting go of the dusty old box, you’re in luck. Setting these things up can be a little tricky when dealing with wireless internet, and integrating things like an Apple TV, Roku, or HD Antenna. You’ll have to hang on to a wireless internet provider, which unfortunately oftentimes is the same as the cable provider. Regardless you’ll save yourself monthly expenses and with our help, you’ll be all set up to stream anything you want, whenever you want!

U2 Brings 8K TV Wall Made of 1040 LED Screens To Buffalo for a Night

Whether you are a fan of Bono, Edge, and the rest of U2, or you just wanted to go check out what it’s like at Ralph Wilson Stadium for a live show, you were in for a treat. People of all ages collected and made their way through thick traffic tributaries into Orchard Park for the blockbuster U2 concert. Feelings beforehand lingered with anticipation like a primetime Bills’ game, as many spent time tailgating and pre gaming for the show in the parking lot beforehand. Beck was set to open around 7:30, and the headliner to go on around 9:10. One thing was very noticeable while Beck was jamming in front of what looked to be a huge screen. A huge-er backdrop that stretched further than the width of the Ralph Wilson turf, and looked about 5 stories tall. What followed after U2’s opening 4/5 songs was the unveiling of display screen made up of 1040 LED screens, displaying crystal clear 8K video that brought the performance to the next level. 

What does 4K HDTV Mean?

Who Built It?

TAIT Towers, one of the worldwide leaders in stage technologies and engineering for live entertainment is to thank for one of the biggest screens we’ve ever seen here in Buffalo NY. They provide some of the biggest acts in music and entertainment with staging, theater automation, and LED integration. In addition to U2, TIAT has provided incredible staging for acts like Lady Gaga, Metallica, and Faith Hill & Tim Mcgraw. The stage is moved from city to city, currently on the third leg of the Joshua Tree tour. SPACEFRAME is the carbon fiber touring frame design created by Production Resource Group, who has been a part of U2 tours since 1992.  Check out this timelapse video of the display being set up by the crew.

It Was How Big?

192 feet wide, completely custom, made of 1040 LED screens. That’s 64 yards long. The immense structure also featured the Joshua Tree shape, and a 75 foot long runway leading to a tree-shaped b-stage. The crazy thing about the display screen, is that it is 7.6K which is basically unheard of. Tour Director Chris Evans said that it is similar in size to the screen used on the 1997 tour, but over 400 times the resolution. According to The Guardian, it is the largest and highest resolution screen used on a concert tour.

If you made it out to Orchard Park for the U2 Joshua Tree tour, you were witness to one of the greatest accomplishments in Audio Visual technology history. Park Place Installations specializes in tv wall installation, which we have installed at the Niagara Power Authority, as well as at Buffalo RiverWorks, which you can check out right here..

If you know of a company looking to install legendary LED screen displays that are made up of over 20 tvs, you’ll be hard pressed to find a team with as much experience as our team at Park Place Installations.


What Tomorrow’s Home Security Is Looking Like

Here at Park Place Installations, we install various home security systems for both the homeowner and business owner. We have multiple options available, that can be integrated into automated and mobile technology. With how quickly technology upgrades today, we always aim to stay ahead of the game, and implement the highest level of product for our customers. Surveillance is a very hot industry, with new brands and concepts popping up everywhere. The enabling of mobile and cloud technology has changed the path for home security. Can you imagine a flying robot with a camera attached watching over your home? Well, a company called Sunflower Labs has already announced this sci-fi concept is becoming a reality.

The Future is Now

You’ve probably seen or heard of flying drones by now. The military has remote control drones for a few years, and now we’ve seen drones shoot video footage, entertain kids as toys, and Amazon even rumored concepts of delivery by drones. Well, Sunflower Labs, a company funded by investors in Silicon Valley and Switzerland, has a concept in the works that incorporates drones into home security. Though it is still in development, the company is already taking preorders on their website for the home security system.

How it Works

Solar-powered “smart lights” are the detection system, which are placed around the area. The lights are able to detect any motion, sound, or vibration within the radius, and sends an alert to the owner via mobile device. When the user gets the notification, they are able to deploy the flying camera drone to the designated area to “check it out”. The smart lights serve as beacons for the flying camera that sends live video back to the mobile device. Never flown a drone? That’s ok. It runs completely autopilot, and also features infrared light for night vision.

Coming Soon

Though the concept is complete, the actual product is still in beta mode. You can preorder the home security system on the Sunflower Labs website, but testing won’t begin until late 2017. In the meantime, you can turn to Park Place Installations to learn more about all the current technology available in home security. We have home security cameras, surveillance systems, remote mobile video surveillance and much more. If and when the Sunflower Labs home security system does get off the ground, you can trust Park Place will be right there, available to supply, install, and troubleshoot any home security system.

Want to learn more about the latest trends in home security systems? Just give us a call to talk to one of our technicians today!

Home Automation | The Crestron Whole-House Automation System


Park Place Installations has been your WNY home automation installation team since the technology’s inception. With systems developed by Crestron, the industry leader in home automation remote control systems, you are able to control just about anything in your home from one single device. Well, everything other than the wife and kids. We’d like to talk briefly about how Crestron Home Automation remote systems can make your life easier, and much cooler!


At the most basic level, you can control any of your AV devices with one central remote. The touchscreen interface allows you to control your television, cable box, DVD player, Surround Sound Systems, BluRay player, just about everything other than your record player. With apps like Pandora, Spotify and others, you can control your music from anywhere. It also allows you to connect through your mobile device too!


Here’s where it starts getting interesting. You’re going to feel like Batman the first time you use your Crestron remote control system to lower your automated shades. Did you forget to turn off the light right after you just got your favorite show queued up on Netflix? That’s ok, you can control any of the lights in your home using your touchscreen device. Is your boo getting a little chilly? Don’t even worry about getting up to change that thermostat. Turn up the heat from the comfort of your sofa!

Home Security Systems

Your safety, more importantly your family’s safety, is also featured with the Crestron home automation system. You don’t need to worry about anything happening when you have mobile access to any of your home security cameras. Crestron has their own mobile apps that allow you to access and control any of your security features while outside of your home. The seamless design of the apps and interfaces allow for peace of mind for you to know your family is safe.

This is just a few examples of how Crestron Home Automation systems can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and safe. Stay tuned to the Park Place blog to learn more about Crestron Home Automation, as well as what Crestron has to offer for Corporate offices, and other things like digital signage and smart TV intergration. As always, if you have any questions about Crestron, or you just need to mount a television to your wall, Park Place Installations is your answer!

Why Should Business Owners Include Digital Signage?


Regardless of what industry you’re in, you’re always looking for new ways to compete amongst a bevy of other companies. Incorporating digital signage is something every business owner can do today that will give them an edge over their competitors. The benefits for this newer type of technology are many which can help you and your company become more successful.

  • Digital signage looks much more impressive. Customers in today’s visual society are more likely to notice this new type of display. With the ability for movement it is more likely to catch a consumer’s eye than the old print method
  • Digital signage lowers cost and is quicker compared to print. Rather than waiting to get something back from a  printer you are able to update you ads instantaneously.
  • You are able to bring in more money because you can have more advertisers involved. Rather than sticking with one company to advertise you have the ability to scroll through multiple ads. This will allow you to widen your client base.
  • If you wanted, it helps engage your customer in a more interactive manner. Some of the more advanced digital signage has the ability to be interacted with by it’s target demo. Some include touchscreens that allow customers to press on thead bringing another dimension of engagement with digital signage.
  • You have total control of what is displayed. If something on the ad has become outdated or irrelevant you are able to quickly change it so that it is once again correct

Upgrading to digital signage can make a huge impact on your business. You’ve probably seen an increase in digital signs around malls, restaurants, and sports arenas. If you want to be ahead of the curve, you might want to look at incorporating a little bit of an upgrade with digital signage. Call Park Place Installations today to learn more about options. 


Things to Consider When Buying Speakers for Your Home Theater

If you’ve always wanted a home theater, but haven’t ever gone through with it, it’s never too late. It could come as a major project, but when you’re all finished and you’re sitting back watching your favorite team or film on the big screen, it will all be worth it. One of the most important decisions during the process is making sure you get the right surround sound speakers. Here are a few things you should think about when you decide to make the move toward choosing speakers.

You can buy the best surround sound system on the market, but if it isn’t setup properly you won’t get the full effect. Your experience will also fall short if you have a professional home theater installer install the system, if the product you choose lacks quality. So first of all, ensure you choose a proper team that will ensure everything is not only installed properly, but organized in an manner that is organized and easy to access.

Most new media contains audio data that will tell the surround sound system which side the sound should come from. If you’re not setting up the speakers properly, the sounds won’t come from the right places, in relation to the position of your speakers. This will also alter your experience. If you have a multi-speaker system positioned the right way, it will make all the difference.

You might not know, but 5.1 surround sound, or 7.1 surround sound refer to the number of speakers versus the number of subwoofers. The more speakers that surround you, obviously give you a more life-like experience. It’s easy to get caught up in name brands, but make sure you do your research in terms of functionality and lifespan. Some surround sound systems might seem like a good deal because they are made by a high profile brand, but could be dated.

Park Place Installations can help you choose the best surround sound speakers for your home, and we can put it all into place for you. If you’ve been thinking about starting a home theater of your own, but get stuck looking at prices and talking to a 16 year old kid at Best Buy about what you should get, give us a call. We know our stuff, it’s what we do!

What to Do When Your Cable Box Won’t Work

We’ve all been there. You’re watching your favorite show. Maybe you’re watching crunch-time of the biggest game of the year. All the sudden the cable goes out. Before you go calling your cable provider to talk to 4 different people and waste an hour of your time, try this simple solution.

Usually, all you have to do is reboot the cable box. Here’s how.

Check Connections

Simple, make sure all plugs for devices are connected by each end to the designated ports. Ensure wiring is intact and make sure no fuses are blown. Make sure your television is on the correct input/HDMI mode.

Power Down

Still not functioning? To reboot, start by turning off the cable box, using either the power button on the front or the remote.


Disconnect the power cord from either the wall outlet or the back of the cable box. If you’re plugged into a power strip, turn off the power strip.

Wait, Reconnect

Wait 30-60 seconds. Once this time is allotted, restore the power by re-connecting the cord where you previously disconnected. The box should begin rebooting, with a countdown on the LED display. You should also get a wait screen showing on the TV.

Wait for it…

Allow the box to reset, for about 2 to 4 minutes. If everything goes according to plan, the LED digital clock will reappear on the front of the box with the correct time.

Power Up

Once you see the time on the LED clock, press and release the power button on the box or remote to turn it back on. Hopefully, your cable kicks back on to your home channel and you’ll be back to business!

This is usually the first thing the cable provider will have you do, of course, once you get to actually talk to someone. If you do try this first, it might save you the 15, 20, or 60 minutes that you’ll spend talking on the phone and responding to an automated response system.

If the problem persists, unfortunately you might have to give them a call, as it may be a problem with the cable line. Remember, if you notice during your troubleshooting session that your wiring or equipment are all discombobulated, we can clean it up! Park Place Installations is here to help install any audio visual equipment you have in a timely and organized manner!

4 Ways You’ll Benefit From Wireless Security Cameras

Anyone who owns property know the uneasy feeling that goes along with leaving your space unattended.  While camera systems have long  been a useful way to keep a watchful eye on your home and/or business while you’re away, installing a wireless surveillance system offers additional benefits that mitigate many of the issues that run concurrent to a basic version.  Not only can they provide significant options for location, but they offer the same standard features as their tethered counterparts — such HD recording, infrared night vision and motion detection.  State of the art surveillance technology will afford you, your colleagues and/family members with the peace of mind to focus less on your property and more on whatever you schedule warrants.  To get you started, we’re discussing 4 benefits of wireless camera surveillance.

No Wires, No worries

The most overt benefit of a wireless camera system is eliminating any need to worry about wires.  A wireless system provides you the ability to place your camera(s) wherever you think is best without the frustration of having to be concerned about making sure an outlet is in proximity.  Additionally, eliminating wires not only removes unflattering aesthetic eyesores, but makes it much, much easier to conceal and/or hide your unit if you’re using it for security — nothing identifies a security camera more than a large, thick wire running down the side of your home or building.

Interactive Surveillance

One of the neatest components or a wireless camera system is that it allows you to connect your tablet or even cell phone to monitor your property remotely.  The connection will allow you to watch live video feeds from every camera you set up.  Just think of the possible benefits — external surveillance could allow you to identify unwanted individuals on your property while internal cameras are a great way to keep an eye on caregivers who may be watching over loved ones while you’re away — allowing you to make sure proper care is given.


Flexibility is an advantage wireless cameras bring to the table.  Not only can you place the unit wherever you need it, but you’ll have a myriad of settings and options at your disposal.  Additionally, you’ll be able to physically relocate the unit to different locations depending on your specific needs — without having to account for pesky wires.  You’ll save yourself a myriad of frustration by having the option to maneuver the unit and fasten it to high and/or low locations that typically don’t have adequate power sources near by.

What About the Receiver?

A wireless camera receiver can be located within ranges of 650-feet to approximately 10 miles away from the dominant unit and still pick up signal — albeit the actual distance will alter depending on the specific unit.  Additionally, it will also be able to infiltrate as many as seven walls and most objects — including wood, glass, metals, plastics.

Investing properly in your home or business is an important process that every owner has been through.  If you’re looking to establish an effective home security system in or around Buffalo NY, Park Place Installations is your one-stop for top-tier surveillance with easy, pain-free and professional installation.  Our experienced staff is knowledgeable on wireless security cameras and systems and is available for a consult to fit your unique needs.  When fortifying your property, don’t hesitate to call us at (716) 472-9904 so we can help you through the process from assessing, through purchasing to professional installation — because nothing is more important  to us than helping you fulfill your safety needs.